Weeds resistant to 2,4-D before new GMOs even introduced

Published: August 31, 2012

Category: GM Food Environmental Risks

Weeds resistant to toxic herbicide

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The old saying “you can’t fool mother nature” never seemed more appropriate. A new report has found that weeds have developed resistance to 2,4-D herbicide before Dow AgroSciences has even had a chance to introduce its new genetically modified corn and soybeans that tolerate 2,4-D.

Dow has been hailing its new “Enlist” 2,4-D tolerant GM corn and soybeans as solutions to the problems of weeds becoming resistant to glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

There’s just one problem: weeds are resistant to 2,4-D too.

A report released in the scientific journal Weed Science found that 2,4-D-resistant waterhemp has been discovered in Nebraska.

Waterhemp is a major weed problem threatening corn and soybeans in the Midwest. Glyphosate doesn’t kill waterhemp either.

The report’s authors found that after ten years of treatment, waterhemp was no longer effectively controlled by 2,4-D; the highest doses of the chemical used on the site proved insufficient to control 50% of the weed population, according to the  report.

According to Reuters, Dow officials did not immediately respond to questions about the journal report.

They may be busy back at the drawing board.

(Source: Reuters)

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