2nd annual conference on sustainable supply of non-GMO soy

Industry leaders will gather for 2nd annual Non-GMO Soy Summit in Brussels in October

Building strategic alliances for sustainable, responsible non-GMO soy is the theme of the 2nd International Non-GMO Soy Summit to be held this October 7-9 in Brussels, Belgium.

Demand for non-GMO soy for food and feed use remains strong in Europe and other nations driven by consumer preferences. The Non-GMO Soy Summit will provide a forum for suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, consumer groups, and government officials to share information and build strategic alliances to ensure a sustainable supply of non-GMO soy worldwide.

Latest, in-depth information
The conference builds on the achievements of the successful Non-GMO Feedstuffs conference held last December in Brussels. More than 360 non-GMO market leaders from 65 European regions, Japan, China, India, Brazil, and North America attended. The conference created dialogue and expanded cooperation between EU users of non-GMO soy and suppliers from North and South America, and Asia.

The Non-GMO Soy Summit will provide participants with the latest, in-depth
EU market and regulatory information regarding non-GMO milk, meat, and poultry, as well as other food products that contain soy and soy derivatives such as lecithin, oil, and protein isolate.

The Non-GMO Soy Summit will feature a full program of expert speakers, who will share their knowledge and insights about the non-GMO soy market. These include European agricultural officials, members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, leading EU retailers and brand owners, processors of animal products, animal feed, and foods who use non-GMO soy, and government officials, scientists, producers/ processors, and suppliers of non-GMO soy from North and South America, and Asia.

Networking to establish profitable relationships
As in the first conference, the Non-GMO Soy Summit will provide users and suppliers of non-GMO soy derivatives with excellent opportunities for networking and cooperation. This will enable them to develop and expand strategic alliances, leading to expanded supplies of soy and soy derivatives and more favorable business conditions for all.

Companies sponsoring the conference are dedicated to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. All profits from the conference will be donated to community development projects in the Third World in the form of the Summit Development Grant.

For more information or to register for the Non-GMO Soy Summit, visit http://www.avantel.de/soysummit2008/.

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