2006 Non-GMO and Organic Grain Production Contracts

The following North American buyers of non-GMO and organic grains are offering contracts to farmers for 2006 grain production:

Ag Guild of Illinois
Normal, Illinois 
Contact: John Feit   
Phone: 1-309-452-6560    
Email: john.feit@verizon.net   
Contracts: Primarily corn and soybeans

American Health & Nutrition
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Contact person: Janet Cowling
Phone: 1-734-677-5570, ext. 27
Email: janet@organicharvest.com
Contracts: 100 truckloads organic soybeans; 100 truckloads organic HRS wheat
Additional information: We buy various quantities of virtually every organic grain, bean, and seed. Please let us know what you have to offer.

Blue River Hybrids
Ames, Iowa
Contact: Maury Johnson
Phone: 1-800-370-7979; 1-402-980-8357 (cell)
Email: maury@blueriverorgseed.com
Contracts: Seed production for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and red clover.

Dunn International, Ltd.
Waterloo, Iowa
Contact: Jim Dunn
Phone: 1-319-233-5504
Email: jim@dunnltd.com
Contracts: non-GMO identity preserved soybeans.

Dunn Natural Products L.C.
Waterloo, Iowa
Contact: Jim Dunn
Phone: 1-319-233-5504
Email: jim@dunnltd.com
Contracts: non-GMO, identity preserved organic soybeans and corn.

Earthwise Processors (a SunOpta Company)
Moorhead, MN
Contact: Jay Rehder     
Phone: 1-218-287-5510
Email: jay.rehder@sunopta.com
Contracts: Organic and IP Soybeans, Organic and non-GMO corn.     

Favored Grain
Windfall and West Lafayette, Indiana; McNabb, Illinois
Contacts: Jim Traub 1-765-404-2768, Dan Knoll 1-765-491-4107, George Magers 1-660-627-6041, Michael Leach 1-765-426-4206
Email: JTraub@FavoredGrain.com, dbk@FavoredGrain.com, gem@FavoredGrain.com, mwl1977@netzero.com
Contracts: Non-GMO corns and non-GMO soybeans, supply agreements for non- GMO DDGs/non-GMO corn gluten, organic corn and organic soybeans purchase and supply agreements.

H & B Specialties, Inc.
Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Contact: Dan Heffelmire
Phone: 1-877-626-1867
Email: info@hbspecialties.com
Contracts: Non-GMO hard endo, white corn, and yellow waxy corn per our approved hybrid list.

Innovative Growers
Kalona, Iowa
Contact: George Schaefer
Phone: 1-319-530-9560
Email: aglaughin@netzero.com
Contracts: Low linolenic soybeans, low saturated fat soybeans, lipoxygenase free soybeans.
Additional information: Contracts for different products may be offered in 2006 depending on market development.

Lakeview Organic Grain
Penn Yan, New York
Contact: Mary-Howell Martens
Phone: 1-315-531-1038
Email: kandmhfarm@sprintmail.com
Contracts: yes
Additional information: located in upstate New York, serving
the Northeast organic dairy farming community with organic animal feed.

Meadowland Soy
Grand Meadow, Minnesota
Contact: Lon Baldus
Phone: 1-507-754-5013
Email: meadowlandsoy@hmtel.com
Contracts: MN 2001SP, average pro.44-45%, MN 1607SP, average pro.42-43%. These are new high yielding varieties. Licensed seed sales and grain buyer.

Midwestern Soybean International, Inc.
Mason City, Iowa
Contact: Dave Wilcox
Phone: 1-641-424-5669
Email: dwilcox.msi@netconx.net
Contracts: Soy-based products, corn, oats.

Mosher Products, Inc.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Contact: Leonard Mosher
Phone: 1-307-632-1492
Email: lmosher@mindsping.com
Contracts: Organic elevator, storage and loading grain on Union Pacific Railroad at Bushnell, Nebraska. We are not brokers we offer a service to farmers and brokers. Visit us at www.wheatandgrain.com.

Northland Seed & Grain Corporation
St. Paul, Minnesota
Contacts: Carolyn Lane, Craig Tomera
Phone: 651-221-0855
Email: Carolyn@northlandorganic.com, craig@northlandorganic.com
Contracts: Organic and non-GMO soybeans, organic wheat, hard red spring, and soft wheats.

O'Malley Grain, Inc.
Mansfield, Illinois
Contacts:Leo Andruczyk, Dixon Stephens
Phone: 1-217-489-2007
Email: leoa@omalleygrain.com
Contracts: Food-grade non-GMO white corn, yellow corn contracts
food-grade organic non-GMO white corn, yellow corn, and blue corn contracts.

Parent Seed Farms Ltd.
St. Joseph, Manitoba, Canada
Contact: Peter Klippenstein
Phone: 1-204-737-2625
Email: PeterK@parentseed.com
Contracts: yes
Additional information: Processor and exporter of non-GMO, IP; dry edible beans, peas, lentils, and chick peas. website: www.parentseed.com.

Sunrich, Inc.
Hope, Minnesota
Contact: Jeremy Hullopeter or Tony Schiller
Phone: 1-507-451-4724
Email: Jeremy.hullopeter@sunopta.comtony.schiller@sunopta.com
Contracts: Organic and IP Soybeans, organic and non-GMO corn, organic feedstuff.
Technology Crops International
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Contact person: Andrew Hebard
Phone: 1-336-759-7335
Email: ahebard@techcrops.com
Contracts: sunflower, borage, canola, specialty oilseeds, specialty grains, specialty proteins. Organic, non-GM and fully IP using proprietary Crop Assured 365™ Quality Procedures.

Thompsons Limited
Blenheim, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Andrew McVittie
Phone: 1-519-676-5411
Email: amcvittie@thompsonslimited
Contracts: Non-GMO and organic soybeans and grains.

Unity Seed Company
Casselton, North Dakota
Contact: Dave Morken
Phone: 701-347-5355
Email: dmorken@casselton.net
Contracts: Non-GMO soybeans.

Mattoon, Illinois
Contact: Ed Zimmer
Phone: 217-235-1020
Email: ed@ussoy.com
Contracts: Non-GMO and organic soybeans.

West Central Cooperative 
Ralston, Iowa 
Contact: Roger Fray
Phone: 1-712-667-3200 
Internet: www.west-central.com
Contracts: Non-GMO soybeans.

(February 2006)