2010 non-GMO and organic grain production contracts

The following companies will contract with farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2010.

San Paulo – SP
Phone: +55 11 2892 7101
Contact: Ricardo Tatesuzi De Sousa
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans, corn, sunflower, rapeseed

Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Inc.
Jeffersonville, OH
Phone: 740-426-6683
Email: johns@bluegrassfarmsohio.com
Contact: John Schlichter
Contracts offered: Non-GMO Soybeans

Brushvale Seed, Inc.
Breckenridge, MN 
Phone: 218-643-2311
Email: pholmen@brushvaleseed.com or brushseed@rrt.net
Contact: Paul Holmen or Jon Miller
Contracts offered: Specific varieties of clear hilum non-GMO soybeans for miso, tofu, soy milk, natto, and other purposes

CFS Specialties
Cashton, WI
Phone: 608-654-5123 or 800-822-6671
Email: organic@cfspecial.com
Contacts: Ernie Peterson or Sandy Milne
Contracts offered:  Organic corn, organic wheat, organic soybeans, organic barley, organic oats

Citizens LLC
Charlotte, MI
Phone: 517-541-1449, cell: 517-231-3259
Contact: Bruce Wymer
Contracts offered: Non-GMO, identity preserved, high-protein soybean contracts for the 2010 crop
Premiums will be based on variety.
Clarkson Grain
Cerro Gordo, IL
Phone: 800-252-1638
Email: wyatt.muse@clarksongrain.com
Contact: Wyatt Muse or Beth Bennett
Contracts offered: Corns: white, yellow, blue, waxy (hybrid specific). Soybeans: four food varieties.
Call for information on premiums

Grain Millers Specialty Products
Eden Prairie, MN
Phone: 952-983-1331, 952-983-1300, 952-983-1309
Email: roger.mortenson@grainmillers.com, paul.drake@grainmillers.com, mark.strabley@grainmillers.com             
Contacts:  Roger Mortenson, Paul Drake, Mark Strabley
Contracts offered:  Non-GMO and certified organic soybeans (Roger Mortenson), organic corn and feed grains (Paul Drake, Mark Strabley)
Call for current premium opportunities

Harvest Innovations
Indianola, IA
Phone: 515-9621-5063
Email: jim.boes@harvest-innovations.com
Contact: Jim Boes
Contracts: Non-GMO soybeans

Hy View Organic Feeds, LLC
Mabel, MN 
Phone: 507-493-5564
Fax: 507-493-5719
Email:hyview@hyviewfeeds.com, swappcon@yahoo.com
Contact: Wayne Leitzen
Contracts offered: Soybeans and corn, both organic and non-GMO

Meadowland Soy
Grand Meadow, MN 
Phone: 507-754-5013, cell 507-459-5151
Email: meadowlandsoy@hmtel.com
Contact: Lon Baldus
Contracts offered: Non-GMO high protein soybeans
Premiums over CBOT, vary upon varieties, call for info

Midwest Soya International, Inc.
Mason City, IA
Phone: 641-424-5669
Email: Pleggenkuhle@gmail.commidwestsoya@netconx.net
Contact: Kim Pleggenkuhle
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans
Various premiums offered

SK Food International 
Fargo, ND 
Phone: 701-356-4106 
Email: ronschlecht@skfood.com, ronschlecht@skfood.com
Contact: Ron Schlecht
Contracts offered: Certified organic soybeans, flax, edible beans, lentils; conventional non-GMO soybeans for natto and soymilk
Premiums offered over CBOT 

Stonebridge Ltd. 
Cedar Falls, IA 
Phone:  319-277-4277 
Email: timd@stonebridgeltd.org or steve@stonebridgeltd.org   
Contact:  Steve Ford, President or Tim Daley, Production Agronomist 
Contracts offered:  Non-GMO and organic Soybeans  
Call for details on premiums or email any questions.

Hope, MN
Phone: 507-451-4724
Email: grower@sunopta.com
Contracts offered:  IP, non-GMO, and organic corn, soybeans, and sunflower
The Scoular Company
Omaha, NE  
Phone: 800-488-3500 /402-342-3500
Email: IPGrain@Scoular.com
Contacts: Greg Lickteig, Kevin Dvorak, Chris Arnold, Tom McKenna, Brandon Gutzmann
Contracts: Conventional non-GMO: soybeans, corn, hard endosperm corn, waxy corn, sorghum. Organic: corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, small grains, fertilizer

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