2008 non-GMO and organic grain production contracts

The following companies will offer contracts to farmers for production of non-GMO and organic grains in 2008.

Ag Guild of Illinois
Normal, Illinois
Phone: 309-452-6560
Email: john.feit@verizon.net   
Contact: John Feit
Contracts offered: Corn and soybeans

AgMotion Specialty Grains
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Phone: 612-486-3851
Email: mschachter@agmotion.com
Contact: Michael Schachter
Contracts offered: Soybeans, pulses, grains, etc.

Arrowhead Mills, Inc.     
Hereford, Texas 
Phone: 806-364-0730 
Email: dholling@hain-celestial.com     
Contact: Dale Hollingsworth-Director of Purchasing
Contracts offered:  Organic wheats, corn, soybeans, edible beans, flax 
Premium: Amount depends on crop quality and amount available 

Asoyia, LLC
Iowa City, Iowa
Phone: 319-339-4645
Email: bmaxwell@asoyia.com
Contact person: Brett Maxwell
Contracts offered: Acre Contract
Premium: $1.45 Non-GMO, transportation subsidies available, up to $0.15 per bushel. Opportunity to earn $0.40 more for non-GMO.

Cashton Farm Supply
Cashton, Wisconsin 
Phone: 800-822-6671
Email: organic@cfspecial.com
Contact: Ernie Peterson
Contracts offered: Corn, soybeans, peas, wheat, barley and flaxseed 
Premium: Will vary

Clarkson Grain 
Cerro Gordo and Beardstown, Illinois 
Phone: 800-252-1638, 217-763-2861
Email: brad.taylor@clarksongrain.com; roger.hendricker@clarksongrain.com; kevin.lewis@clarksongrain.com; gary.ellis@clarksongrain.com
Contacts: Brad Taylor, Roger Hendricker, Gary Ellis, Kevin Lewis 
Contracts offered:  Variety specific soybeans, any variety of non-GMO soybeans, specific hybrids of white and blue corns. Contracting in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakotas for organic and non-GMO production
Premium: Premiums vary with program, location, time and quality 

DeBruce Grain    
Creston, Iowa
Phone: 641-782-1900
Contact: Dean Michaelson
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans
Premium: $1.30 plus

Devansoy, Inc.
Carrol, Iowa
Phone:  712-792-9665
Email:  dwycoff@devansoy.com
Contact: Deb Wycoff
Contracts offered: Organic soybeans

Grain Millers, Inc.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Phone: 800-328-5188
Email: Andrew.eilertson@grainmillers.com
Contact: Andrew Eilertson
Contracts offered: Organic and conventional oats, corn, wheat, barley,
and flax. Non-GMO and organic soybeans, sugar, molasses, alcohol and

Grain Place Foods, Inc.     
Marquette, Nebraska
Phone: 866-925-7598
Email: dspringer@grainplacefoods.com   
Contact person: David Springer
Contracts offered:  Popcorn, barley, oats

HAPI-O (Harmony Agricultural Products in Ohio)
Marysville, Ohio 
Phone: 937-644-8215
Contacts: Jim Gill 937-243-1689, Adam Graham 937-243-1877
Contracts offered: Non-GMO contracts: HAPI's select varieties, 2.9-3.5 maturity. Free trucking with on farm storage
Premiums: Clean bushel, CBT pricing

Hesco, Inc./Dakota Organic Products 
Watertown, South Dakota
Phone: 800-243-7264, 605-884-1100 
Email: hescoinc@hesco-inc.com 
Contact: Travis Sitter 
Contracts offered:  Various conventional and organic grains 

Huron Commodities, Inc.
Clinton, Ontario and Monticello, Illinois
Phone: 519-482-8400, 217-762-4500
Email: m.vanderloo@huron.com, jtraub@huron.com
Contacts: Martin VanderLoo, Jim Traub
Contracts offered: Soybeans, corn, wheat                     
Premium: depends on location                             

Manna International, Inc.
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Phone: 705-946-2662
Email: intnl@sympatico.ca
Contact person: Gerald Fowler
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans

Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative
LaFarge, Wisconsin
Phone: 888-444-6455, x3509
Email: feed@organicvalley.coop
Contact person: Lowell Rheinheimer
Contracts offered: 3-year rolling contracts for whole rotation including hay
Premium (if available): Quality premiums for balanced mineralization and forage quality.

Richland Organics, Inc.
Breckenridge, Minnesota
Phone: 218-643-1797
Email: andy@richlandorganics.com, rick@richlandorganics.com
Contact: Andy Finkral, Rick Brandenburger 
Contracts offered: Non-GMO Natto Soybean contracts. 1.0 - 0.2 maturity varieties available
Organic Blue Corn contracts. New 85-day maturity hybrid and a 75-day maturity hybrid are available
Premium: Varies

SK Food International 
Fargo, North Dakoa 
Phone: 701-356-4106     
Email: skfood@skfood.com 
Contact: Ron Schlecht 
Contracts offered:  Food-grade certified organic soybeans, edible beans, flax, wheat, sunflower, peas, lentils, millet, corn: blue, yellow, white, and red, and safflower. Food-grade non-GMO soybeans, conventional flax, corn: blue and red, sunflower, safflower. Feed-grade organic soybeans, yellow corn, peas, cereal grains, flaxseed

SunOpta Grains and Foods Group
Hope, Minnesota
Contact: LaVerne Klecker
Phone: 800-342-6976
Email: Laverne.klecker@sunopta.com
Contracts offered: Identity preserved soybeans and certified organic corn, soybeans, and sunflowers

The Delong Co., Inc.
Clinton, Wisconsin             
Phone: 608-676-2255
Email: bbickham@delongcompany.com
Contact: Brandon Bickham    
Contracts offered: All types of Non-GMO soybeans (variety specific) and non-GMO corn, JAS or JAS equivalent soybeans and corn

The Scoular Company
Omaha, Nebraska
Phone: 800-488-3500
E-Mail: IPGrain@Scoular.com
Contacts: Brandon Gutzmann, Greg Lickteig, Kevin Dvorak, Chris Arnold, Tom McKenna
Contracts offered: Conventional soybeans and corn, including non-GMO, hard endo, and waxy. Organic corn, soybeans, and small grains.

The Seed Company
Lynnville, Iowa
Phone: 641-527-2775
Email: hcopper@supremesoy.com
Contact: Harrison Copper
Contracts offered: Many types of non-GMO and organic soybeans
Premium (if available): Vary according to variety of the soybean
Note: We are interested in finding as many growers as we can

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