Companies offering 2007 Non-GMO and Organic Grain Production Contracts

The following North American buyers of identity preserved, non-GMO, and organic grains are offering contracts to farmers for 2006 production.

Ag Guild of Illinois
Normal, Illinois
Phone: 1-309-838-4700
Contact: John B Feit Jr.
Contracts: IP corn and soybeans

American Health & Nutrition
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Phone: 1-734-677-5570, ext. 27
Contact person: Janet Cowling
Contracts: 100 truckloads organic soybeans; 100 truckloads organic HRS wheat
Additional information: We buy various quantities of virtually every organic grain, bean, and seed. Please let us know what you have to offer.

Anderson Commodities, Inc.
Mentor, Minnesota
Phone: 1-218-637-2700
Contact person: Ron Anderson
Contracts: Dry beans, sunflowers, soybeans

Behm Seed Company
Atwater, Minnesota
Contact: Myron Behm
Phone: 1-320-974-3003
Contracts: Specific Non-GMO soybeans: Gold Country Kandi, Legend LS1461HP, Pioneer 91M10, Bluestem 2300, 0909 & Kato soybeans

Clarkson Grain, Inc.
Cerro Gordo, Illinois
Phone: 1-800-252-1638, 1-217-763-2861
Contacts: Brad Taylor, bean program; Chris Corum, organic corn program; Leo Dixon, conventional white corn program.
Contracts: Certified organic and non-GMO food soybeans, feed soybeans, Yubraska white corn, food yellow corn, yellow waxy corn, Indigo Blue corn. We have conditioning, processing or shipping stations in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. We seek certified organic crops anywhere in the US. We seek non-GMO crops near our conditioning centers. We recommend contracting as the best way for farmers to balance supply and demand and to select the most desired hybrids/varieties. We offer both acreage and bushel contracts, whichever works best in a particular situation.

Cooperative Elevator Co.
Pigeon, Michigan
Phone: 1-989-453-4500
Contact person: Phil Symons
Contracts: Non-GMO production contracting and processing

Dunn International, Ltd./Dunn Natural Products, L.C.
Waterloo, Iowa
Phone: 1-319-233-5504
Contact: Jim Dunn
Contracts: Non-GMO identity preserved soybeans, organic soybeans and corn

Huron Commodities, Inc.
Monticello, Illinois 
Phone: 1-217-762-4500\
Contact: Mr. Jim Traub
Contracts offered: Non-GMO, organic corn and soybeans
Identity Seed and Grain Company

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Phone: 1-321-783-7333
Contact person: Melissa Huey
Contracts offered: Identity preserved, non-GMO soybeans and corn

Midwestern Soybean International, Inc.
Mason City, Iowa
Contact: Dave Wilcox
Phone: 1-641-424-5669
Contracts: Soy-based products, corn, oats

North Country Seed, LLC
Ormsby, Minnesota 
Phone: 1-507-736-2004
Contact person: Joel Rabbe
Contracts: Non-GMO soybeans

O’Malley Grain, Inc.
Mansfield, Illinois
Phone: 1-217-489-2007
Contact: Leo Andruczyk
Contracts: Food-grade white corn, food-grade yellow corn, organic food-grade white corn, organic food-grade yellow corn, organic food-grade blue corn

Pattison Bros.
Fayette, Iowa
Phone: 1-800-632-5952
Contact: Chad Stannard
Contracts: Food-grade soybeans (variety specific clear hilums, non-variety specific clear hilums, and non-GMO soybeans)/ Food-grade corn (hard endo, waxy, high oil, and non-GMO corn).

Richland Organics
Breckenridge, Minnesota
Phone: 1-218-643-1797
Contact person: Rick Brandenburger
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans, organic soybeans, non-GMO Blue corn, and organic blue corn
SB&B Foods, Inc.
Casselton, North Dakota
Phone: 1-701-347-4900
Contact: Robbert Sinner
Contracts: Non-GMO, specific variety, food-grade soy beans, specific varieties of hard red spring wheat, and specific varieties of white sorghum – all non-GMO. Also offering contracts on organic soybeans and organic wheat

SK Food International
Fargo, North Dakota 
Phone: 1-701-356-4106
Contact person: Jennifer Tesch
Contracts: Soybeans, dry edible beans, wheat, millet, rye, spelt, sunflowers, safflower, brown flax, golden flax, lentils, peas, mustard, barley, durum, buckwheat, canola; red, blue, yellow, and white corn

Stonebridge, Ltd. 
Cedar Falls, Iowa         
Phone: 1-319-277-4277
Contact: Tim Daley 
Contracts offered: Organic @ $13.00 - $16.00 / bushel. Multiple clear hilum contracts: $0.50 - $1.50 / bushel

SunOpta Grains and Foods Group
Hope, MN
Contact: LaVerne Klecker
Phone: 1-800-342-6976
Contracts: Identity preserved soybeans and certified organic corn, soybeans, and sunflowers for both 2006 and 2007 crops

Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
Zeeland, Michigan
Phone: 1-616-772-9042, 1-800-748-0595
Contact person: Cliff Meeuwsen
Contracts: Low saturated soybean meal and oil, and low linolenic soybean meal and oil

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