Companies offering 2007 non-GMO and organic grain production contracts

The following North American buyers of identity preserved, non-GMO, and organic grains are offering contracts to farmers for 2007 production.

Winfield, Iowa
Phone: 1-319-257-3400
Contact: Brett Maxwell
Contracts: $1 per bushel premium for Asoyia varieties of non-GMO ultra low lin soybeans. Visit our website at:

Blue River Hybrids
Kelly, Iowa
Phone: 1-800-370-7979; 1-402-980-8357 (cell)
Contact: Maury Johnson
Contracts: Organic seed production for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and red clover.

Clarkson Grain, Inc.
Cerro Gordo, Illinois
Phone: Cerro Gordo, IL 1-800-252-1638, 1-217-763-2861; Beardstown, IL 1-800-453-3973 
Contacts: Brad Taylor and Roger Hendricker for all bean programs and organic feed corn programs. Dixon Stevens and Gerald McMillan (Cerro Gordo, IL), conventional white corn program and organic blue corn program. 
Contracts: Certified organic and non-GMO food soybeans, organic feed soybeans, organic yellow feed corn, conventional yellow waxy corn, organic Indigo Blue corn.

Dakota Organic Products, a divison of Hesco, Inc.
Watertown, South Dakota
Phone: 1-605-884-1100
Contact: Travis Sitter, Commodity Merchandiser
Contracts: Millet, golden or brown flax, wheat, oats, barley, corn and organic grains.

Dee Bee’s
Milford, Iowa
Phone: 712-262-4850
Contact: Denny Winterboer
Contracts: Non-GMO Vinton soybeans.
Favored Grain
Windfall and West Lafayette, Indiana; McNabb, Illinois
Contacts: Dan Knoll 1-765-491-4107, George Magers 1-660-627-6041, Michael Leach 1-765-426-4206
Contracts: Non-GMO corn and non-GMO soybeans, supply agreements for non-GMO DDGs/non-GMO corn gluten, organic corn and organic soybeans purchase and supply agreements.

Grain Millers Inc.  
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Phone: 1-800-328-5188
Contacts: Andrew Eilertson (organic small grains), Roger Mortenson (soybeans), Paul Drake (organic corn), Mark Strabley (organic corn), Myron Jepson (mustard, flax)
Contracts: Organic oats, corn, wheat, barley, rye, flax, mustard, peas, Non-GMO and organic soybeans.

H & B Specialties, Inc.
Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Phone: 1-877-626-1867
Contact: Dan Heffelmire
Contracts: Non-GMO hard endo, white corn, and yellow waxy corn per our approved hybrid list.

Hendrick Seeds
Inkerman, Ontario Canada
Phone: 1-774-3469
Contact: Dave Hendrick
Contracts: Organic soybeans.

Lakeview Organic Grain
Penn Yan, New York
Phone: 1-315-531-1038
Contact: Mary-Howell Martens
Contracts: Organic corn, soybeans, oats and barley.
Additional Information: located in upstate New York, serving the Northeast organic dairy farming community with organic animal feed.

Meadowland Soy
Grand Meadow, Minnesota
Phone:  1-507-754-5013
Contact:  Lon Baldus
Contracts:  Non-GMO, high protein, clear hilum soybeans.

Montana Specialty Mills, LLC
Ogden, Utah
Phone: 1-801 476-0277
Contact: Steve Chambers
Contracts: Canola, sunflowers, flaxseed, safflower; offered on both a spot basis and production contracting.

Mosher Products, Inc.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Phone: 1-307-632-1492
Contact: Leonard Mosher
Contracts: We have organic hard white winter wheat. Organic elevator, storage and loading grain on Union Pacific and BNSF Railroads at Bushnell, Nebraska. Visit us as

Nature’s Crops International
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Phone: 1-336-759-7335
Contact: Andrew Hebard
Contracts: High oleic sunflower, high oleic safflower, borage, canola, specialty oilseeds, specialty proteins. Organic, non-GMO, and fully identity preserved using proprietary Crop assured 365.™ Quality Procedures.

Northland Seed & Grain Corporation
St. Paul, Minnesota
Phone: 1-651-221-0855
Contact: Carolyn Lane, Craig Tomera
Contracts: Organic and non-GMO soybeans, organic hard red spring and soft wheats.

Snobelen Farms, Ltd.
Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-519-528-2092
Contact: Troy Snobelen
Contracts: White hilum, non-GMO, and organic soybeans.

Stonebridge, Ltd.
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Phone: 1-519-528-2092, cell: 319-239-7143
Contact: Tim Daley
Contracts: Non-GMO, IP, conventional, and organic soybeans.

The Seed Co., Inc.
Lynnville, Iowa
Phone: 1-641-527-2775, ext. 3#
Contact: Doug Huyser
Contracts:  Non-GMO food-grade soybeans.

The Scoular Company
Omaha, Nebraska
Phone: 1-402-342-3500
Contacts: Greg Lickteig, Kevin Dvorak, Chris Arnold, Tom McKenna, Brandon Gutzmann
Contracts: Conventional:  soybeans, corn; organic:  corn, soybeans, small grains.

Thompsons Limited
Blenheim, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-519-676-5411
Contact: Andrew McVittie
Contracts: Non-GMO and organic soybeans and grains.

21st Century Grain Processing Company
Manhattan, Kansas
Phone: 1-806-258-7253
Contact: Jana Arellano
Contracts: White grain corn--IP, non-GMO, Yellow IP. Delivery to Hastings, Nebraska plant, or Dawn, Texas plant.

Twin Peaks Seed & Grain, LLC/Twin Peaks Trading
Longmont, Colorado
Contact: Jim Hergenreder
Phone: 1-303-772-7333
Contracts: Edible beans, soybeans, pulses, corns, dry beans, small grains.

Mattoon, Illinois
Phone: 1-519-676-5411
Contact: Ed Zimmer
Contracts: Organic soybeans.

West Central Copperative
Ralston, Iowa
Phone: 1-712-667-3200
Contact: Roger Fray
Contracts: Non-GMO soybeans.

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