2009 non-GMO and organic grain production contracts

The following companies will contract with farmers to grow non-GMO and organic grains in 2009.

ADM Grain Company     
Decatur, Illinois 
Phone: 1-217-451-4955 
Email: h_cooklin@admworld.com 
Contact: Henry Cooklin     
Contracts offered: Non-GMO Soybeans, Non-GMO Corn, food grade soybeans, food grade corn, hard endosperm corn 

Brushvale Seed, Inc.
Breckenridge, Minnesota
Phone: 1-218-643-2311
Contact: Paul Holmen, Jon Miller
Email: pholmen@brushvaleseed.com, brushseed@rrt.net
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans for natto, tofu, soymilk, miso, soy sauce and other soy foods

Citizens LLC
Charlotte, Michigan
Phone: 1-605-271-7471, cell: 1-517-231-3259
Contact: Bruce Wymer
Email: brucew_citizens@yahoo.com
Contracts offered: All non-GMO soybeans that meet food grade requirements. Premiums range from 75 cents over CBOT to $2.00 over CBOT. Please contact Bruce with the variety you want to grow to learn the premiums offered
Clarkson Grain Co., Inc.
Cerro Gordo, Illinois
Phone: 1-800-252-1638, 1-217-763-2861
Email: gary.ellis@clarksongrain.com, beth.bennett@clarksongrain.com
Contact: Gary Ellis, Beth Bennett
Contracts offered: Non-GMO Pioneer 93B82 variety soybeans, non-GMO white corn varieties

DeBruce Grain, Inc.
Creston, Iowa 
Phone: 1-877-274-2676 
Email: dmichaelson@debruce.com 
Contact: Dean Michaelson 
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans

Grain Millers Specialty Products
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Phone: 1-952-983-1331 (Eden Prairie), 1-507-934-0209 (Saint Peter)
Email: roger.mortenson@grainmillers.com
Contact: Eden Prairie – Roger Mortenson, Saint Peter – Shawn Heider
Contracts offered: Non-GMO Soybeans, variety specific soybeans, proprietary variety soybeans, organic soybeans. Send samples to: Grain Millers Specialty Products, 1502 Gault St., Saint Peter, MN 56082

Grain Place Foods, Inc.
Marquette, Nebraska
Phone: 1-888-714-7246
Email: dspringer@grainplacefoods.com
Contact: David Springer
Contracts offered: Popcorn, peas, barley, oats, millet, soybean, corn

Growers International Organic Sales, Inc (GIOSI)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: 1-204-926-9593
Email: tcowell@giosi.com
Contact person: Tom Cowell
Contracts offered: Organic red spring, hard white spring, amber durum wheat. Organic flaxseed, oats, barley, rye, feed grain, misc

Huron Commodities, Inc.        
Monticello, Illinois     
Phone: 1-217-762-4500
Email: jtraub@huron.com, r.prather@huron.com    
Contact: Jim Traub, Rob Prather
Contracts offered: Non-GMO soybeans: Pioneer 93B82, 93M52, HCI751, HCI7744, Schillinger 348 & 446; organic soybeans, organic corn, organic wheat: soft wheat, high protein wheat, other organic grains. Delivery points throughout the Midwest

Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative
Saline, Michigan
Phone: 1-734-429-9110 or 9109, cell: 1-734-649-7172
Email: mofc-merle@verizon.net
Contact:  Merle J. Kramer
Contracts: Organic high protein soybeans (NOP & JAS/EU) (‘08 & ‘09), organic high protein HRS wheat (JAS/EU) (‘08 & ‘09), organic feed grade soybeans (‘08 & ‘09 Crop), organic regular clear hilum soybeans (‘08 & ‘09 crop), organic soft red and soft white winter wheat (‘09 crop), organic spelt  - 12% > Protein  (‘08 & ‘09 crop), organic white corn (‘08 & ‘09 crop), organic edible beans (‘09 crop)

Montana Specialty Mills, LLC
Great Falls, Montana
Phone: 1-406-761-2338
Contact: Justin Hager
Email: justin.hager@mtspecialtymills.com
Contracts offered: Oilseeds, including canola, mustard, flax, safflower, sunflower and other grains

New Organics
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Phone: 1-888-541-GROW or 1-734-677-5570
Email: info@neworganics.com
Contact: Melissa Gardner
Contracts offered: Edible beans, wheat, spelt, soybeans 

Northland Organic Foods Corp./
Northland Seed & Grain Corp.

St. Paul, Minnesota
Phone: 1-651-221-0855
Email: soybean@northlandorganic.com or craig@northlandorganic.com
Contact: Craig Tomera or Greg Lane
Contracts offered:  Organic food- and feed-grade soybeans, organic hard red spring wheat, other organic grains, non-GMO foodgrade soybeans
Pacific Soybean & Grain
San Francisco, California
Phone: 1-415 433 0867
Email: info@pacificsoy.com
Contact: Lina Mesa
Contracts offered:  Soybeans, food-grade—organic and non-GMO

Premium Ag Products Cooperative
Clarence, Missouri
Phone: 1-660-699-2340
Email: dimmitt@premiumagproducts.com
Contact: G.W. Dimmitt, C.E.O.
Contracts offered: Identity-Preserved grains including non-GMO food grade soybeans—light and dark hilum, hi-protein; non-GMO food grade yellow and white corn; food grade grain sorghum

Professional Proteins, Ltd.
Washington, Iowa
Phone: 1-319-653-6541
Contact: Brett Sweeting (sales)
Email: proproteins@iowatelecom.net
Contracts: Buying organic soybeans. Sales organic soy products (expelled, extruded, oil), organic animal feeds/minerals, organic inputs

Richland Organics
Breckenridge, Minnesota
Phone: 1-218-643-1797
Email: matt@richlandorganics.com
Contact: Matt Bohn
Contracts offered: Organic blue corn, non-GMO natto soybeans

SB&B Foods, Inc.
Casselton, North Dakota
Phone: 1-701-347-4900
Email: foods@sb-b.com
Contact:  Scott Sinner or Mark Fraase
Contracts offered:  Non-GMO and organic soybeans, conventional and organic hard red spring wheat, rye and white sorghum

Stonebridge Ltd. 
Cedar Falls, Iowa 
Phone:  1-319-277-4277 
Email: steve@stonebridgeltd.org, timd@stonebridgeltd.org 
Contact: Steve Ford, Tim Daley 
Contracts offered: Organic and non-GMO soybeans

Thompsons Limited
Blenheim, Ontario
Phone: 1-519-676-5411
Email: amcvittie@thompsonslimited.com
Contact: Andrew McVittie
Contracts offered: organic soybeans, organic navy beans, IP soybeans

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