Whole Foods’ labeling move will drive change for “natural” manufacturers

By Ken Roseboro
Published: March 28, 2013

Category: GM Food Labeling and Regulations

Whole Foods will require labels on GM foods in their stores by 2018

Whole Foods will require labels on GM foods in their stores by 2018

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Organic and natural food manufacturers praised Whole Foods’ GMO labeling commitment.

“It’s a bold statement that they’re telling manufacturers to either label GMOs, get them out of products or don’t expect your products to be in their stores,” said Doon Wintz, president of Wholly Wholesome. “This will drive change for a lot of manufacturers that aren’t organic.”

According to a report by Daily Finance, Whole Foods is leading a trend among grocery retailers where non-GMO foods become mainstream in the same way organic foods became mainstream with Whole Foods’ market influence.

“It’s an historic moment,” said Mary Waldner, founder of Mary’s Gone Crackers. “Somebody had to do this. They are being the leader we hoped California would have been (with Proposition 37).”

“I think it’s a good move for them,” said Colin Sankey, CEO of Snikiddy. “Consumers rely on Whole Foods to play a major role in making the process move forward and delivering what consumers expect.”

“Whole Foods is coming out on the side of consumer awareness and nature,” said Ken Whitman, president of Natural Vitality.

Still, Whitman questioned the five-year timeline. “A lot can change in five years. It may become a moot point. Are we going to let up the pressure?”

Praise also came from Whole Foods’ competition. Jimbo Someck, owner of Jimbo’s…Naturally and representative of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association, said: “Whole Foods’ announcement is tremendously exciting as their visibility and overall purchasing power will hopefully be what the industry needs to reach the critical mass necessary to have products that contain GMOs labeled as such! This is exactly what we need to move the labeling of GMOs initiative forward.”

Someck’s San Diego stores have been committed to selling only non-GMO products since 2010.


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